Unblock your ExcelBooks file after download

You may need to unblock the Excel file after downloading it from the Internet on a Windows PC, based on your settings. Unblocking is not necessary for MAC computers. Follow the instructions below to unblock or determine if unblocking is required.

To unblock a purchased and downloaded Excel file on Windows, open File Explorer and locate the file. Right-click it, select Properties, go to the General tab, check the Unblock box (or click it if no box is present), click Apply, then OK. See the image below for reference.

If you don’t find the “Unblock” section, the Excel file is already unblocked and no action is required. Refer to the image below for illustration.

Once the Excel file is unblocked, you can open it and enable macros to use it.

If you encounter any futher issues please contact us at support@excel-books.com

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